In the Spring of 2009 we opened our new"state of the art" retail garden center.

We have many new energy saving features  - the roof opens and closes on demand,
depending on the outside temperatures.   Energy curtains were installed covering the
entire roof and sides which help to insulate from the cold or protect from the heat of the sun.   An energy efficient in-floor heating system was also installed.

We've come along way in the last century.   Part of the original homestead is still located
here.   The white house and barn were built around 1915.   Nelson Trees was established on this property in 1955 by Dick Nelson.   This homestead originally belonged to his mother's family, the McCormicks.

in 1979, Mike and Jacie Lemke purchased the business from Dick Nelson, and have made many changes to get where we are today.  Come and shop at our new retail garden center.   You will enjoy this new shopping experience!
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